Who Are We & Why Should You Care?

Look outside. Really, look. Spend sometime looking. Done? Ok. On the surface everything looks normal, but if you look hard enough you’re likely to find one common denominator amongst most people, confusion and no clear way to solve it.

People pay way too much attention to the goings on with mainstream media and not nearly enough time tending to their own personal endeavors and needs. The assumption is “If it’s on TV it must be true” (which is wrong). So guys end up thinking all girls want is money, girls think men are too materialistic and crave real connection, people generally believe the only way to succeed in life is with a degree or a lottery ticket & are really as a whole pretty disconnected from the way their lives are actually meant to work.

When you start paying attention to improving yourself exclusively & excuse yourself from idly watching the world go by things in your life begin to auto-correct. We want to help more guys do more of that by posting things & doing things we find really interesting.

SwarveMen.com is bridging the gap between what it actually means to be genuinely cool and what that level of cool can do to improve your life in the real-world. This is not a test. This is real life & we believe you can actually succeed amazingly well, doing the things you actually like to do.

We started with one desktop computer and have grown into a multi-cultural global community. Guys (and girls) across the world can become more dynamic, interesting, highly-sought-after, powerful, attractive, amazing, intelligent, fun, stylish, successful, radiant, cool, kind, assertive, self-assured, independent, icey-fresh and fulfilled. This may sound really sweet and unrealistic, but what is unrealistic? Doing what we’re doing and have done before we started was an unrealistic dream, until we started. You should start too.

The best way for us to deliver on our promise of making our viewers lives cooler to live is by delivering content we actually like. If we enjoyed putting it together and reading it ourselves the assumption is that someone, somewhere else in the World will too. Our effort, energy and love goes into every post we put out, every product we produce and every graphic we design.

Art, culture, music, dating advice, lifestyle tips, health-hacks, style, positive mindset information and more can be found on this site. You don’t have to like it. Make up your own mind, we’ve made up ours.

The challenges of life, of relationships, of career choices and all are the same challenges that make the victories that much sweeter. We’re here to provide you with that much needed entertainment value whilst you map your way through your life’s journey (we’ll throw in a few bits of advice from time to time as well!).

Enjoy Your Stay.


SwarveMen.com, Founder & CEO