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RSD Julien Breaks Down Finding A Frequency That Is Congruent To How You Feel & Acting Through Authenticitity

by on July 14, 2015

Julien Blanc of RSD released this really helpful video based on giving real value in interactions by having that ‘clear, authentic energy’ about you, and this video is all thanks to his awesome new self-development YouTube channel called JulienHimself. It’s packed with content that goes from finding your purpose to freeing yourself from mediocrity & more…amazing stuff.

If you think back to a time you had to deal with an incongruent person, for instance, someone who was clearly super nervous but tries hard to act like they’re super cool—it always feels off. The bottom line is that putting on a fake image or persona never connects with females or anyone in general because self always comes through. That incongruence usually makes the other trust you less and not relate to you as much as they would if you were just being yourself.

“People love clear energy.”

The message Julien shares is about finding a frequency that matches with what you feel at that point in time & embracing it. This way, instead of trying to cover up you’re giving the girl or group value by actually putting out the real you. The cool thing is congruence like that says ‘I’m comfortable with myself’ without you having to put it into words and that kind of vibe draws people to you. If you catch yourself feeling pretty shitty & accept that you may be vibrating from a low frequency rather than resisting it, eventually this leads to a raise in your energy just like you see happen to Julien through the video. Enjoy the lesson above!

[via JulienHimself]