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Ryan Talks Business On Hot 97 “I still make more money than most artist!”

by on September 30, 2014

Go The Extra Mile, It’s Never Crowded. Ancient least we think it is.

Singer and Songwriter sat down with the Hot 97 crew to promote his Black Mozart album, but the interview quickly took a pretty interesting turn when Ebro asked a few questions about how Ryan sells records, then the interview became more of an educational session for artists.

Ownership…then Money

A principle a lot of business greats have shared over the years when you read their work is this whole idea of having ownership over your work before you make money your main focus. If you own your market (cultivate a relationship with) you’ll never have to worry about making money because people (your market) are the ones that buy stuff.

Ryan’s musical approach from a business stand-point is one that stands without many of the financial hurdles that many artists in the music industry face. Mainly because he has direct contact with every single person that has most recently purchased his Black Mozart album. Because of this, if he’s touring in a fans city he can email them directly and let them know about it – he might not even have to do the busy work of paying for public billboards because he already knows who his people are. Pretty neat.

Ebro mentions how most artists don’t want to do anymore work than they have to to “make it”. That’s so true for most artists but it doesn’t really matter, cause the artists that win are the ones that stay up & go the extra mile while their competition messes around. The extra mile is never crowded.

Check out Ryan’s interview above.

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