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How To Run A Successful Business on the Internet Or Anywhere Else w/ Dan Kennedy’s Lead Generation Advice

by on June 10, 2014

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy has said before ( and we’d argue to a point), that running a successful business doesn’t start with the product itself (even though that’s what most people would think). It actually starts with a working business system i.e how will the actual product be sold, who will it be sold to, how interest will be generated etc.

If you have a bank of leads, you have a bank of dependable future money. Dan Kennedy, Marketing Expert



What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation and advertising are the two most important elements when it comes to running a massively successful business, but before you watch the video above lets just run a quick overview on what a lead actually is. So a lead is basically anyone who is potentially interested in whatever it is your business has to sell.

The whole idea of lead generation is basically the ability to build a pool of people who have shown interest in possibly buying whatever it is you have to sell by giving you their contact details (a page with an offer in exchange for name, email address, number etc.)….

In the video above Dan goes into much greater detail on what and how a lead generation system works and remember….this works on the internet, we’ve all seen it before and it also works in the offline world. Check out the video above.

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You can also observe the way they pitch products half way through the vids, most of it is just pure useful content though. If you have a bit more time on your hands you can view the rest of the videos from this Lead Generation video set below:

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