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Lessons From Successful Businesses: Small Empires with Alexis Ohanian [Part 2]

by on September 25, 2014

Shapeways and the business of 3D printing

If you’ve had a chance to catch-up you’ve most likely already had a chance to check out the first 5 episodes we posted from Alexis Ohanian’s “Small Empires” series a few weeks back. Here’s the follow up with a few more stellar episodes for your viewing pleasure.

The whole idea behind having this featured is this…

In some small way shows like this manage to peel back the curtain & give insight into what its like to create something of your own, to profit for something of your own, and probably most importantly, takes away much of the fear associated with branching out to do something new cause you get to see the stories of others who charted a path for themselves too. It helps even if you don’t end up doing the same thing, there’s always something positive to be learnt.

In the episode above Alexis Ohanian documents the progression of a great company, Shapeways, a team of geniuses that print 3D objects….yup! That’s right, they print 3D objects, they bring your ideas to life.  They’re a dutch company based in New York with a pretty interesting story. We’d suggest you pull a pen and a notepad just in-case you catch a moment of inspiration, you just might. Press Play Above.

You can check out some of the episodes below, preferably all of ’em. Bookmark this page and comeback to it later, make some time, chill out , it’s all pretty interesting…

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