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Lessons From Successful Businesses: Small Empires with Alexis Ohanian [Part 1]

by on September 12, 2014

Squarespace and the love of optimizing constraints

One the most important character traits to cultivate when going into business for yourself is the ability to remain teachable. Learn from other people stories and interpret what you learn in a way that gives you new understandings & perspectives so you can better face challenges that may arise & also learn how to ride the successes. Alexis Ohanian, founder of a site that receive more than 5 billion hits a month Reddit, goes on a quest to tell the stories of other successful businesses ,episode by episode, in the Small Empires series.

In the first episode we’ve featured above you’ll have an inside look into the inner workings of what it takes to run a company like Squarespace, a blogging /content management platform. Squarespace really just started out as a college students blogging solution & later turned into what it is now, a platform used by people all over the world to tell their story or sell their product. Check out the episode featured above, and more below. Enjoy ’em!

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