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Lessons From Abraham Hicks: Speak Of ONLY The Things You Want and You’ll have it

by on May 27, 2014

When things aren’t exactly going your way, you’ll often be tempted to just “tell it like it is” or “keep it real”. The issue with these streams of thought is that if you don’t start speaking the things you want into your life, you’ll never have them.

If you’re wanting something to happen in your life, business, social affairs etc. Instead of “keeping it real” and talking about why things will never go your way, start looking at what people do when they get the things you say you want.

They talk differently, act differently, think differently & ultimately get different results from those who keep parroting off the afflictions of their current situation. I know it’s practically human nature, BUT you HAVE to start talking only about the things you want. Only then will you be directed & driven enough to actually have those things become a reality.

Now its about to get real weird…Abraham Hick Elaborates: