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Check Out ‘The Long Way Home’ Documentary – The Krept and Konan Story & “Do It For The Gang” Music Video Feat. Wiz Khalifa

by on July 9, 2015

Now that one of the most anticipated albums in UK rap has dropped, Krept and Konan have released a documentary which shows the growth of the South London pair from the beginning to the present.

There were some really inspiring things that stuck with me in the documentary. One of those came from Yungen, as he said the one thing that adds to Krept and Konan’s work ethic in the studio is their organisation. Organisation is something that can really enhance the outcome as you are following a strict set of rules. Another thing that really stuck with me was when Krept was saying how when you speak things into the world, it really happens. He said Konan constantly said that they needed Rick Ross on their new project and the universe made that happen.

“You see when you speak things into existence… You speak things into the world. If you want something to happen, say it bruv, it will happen.” – Krept

After the success of their mixtape Young Kingz (featuring the banger “Don’t Waste My Time”), the duo have taken the world by storm, winning MOBO Awards, won a Guinness World Record for ‘Highest-Charting UK album by an Unsigned Act’, and The MTV Brand New Award 2015. They managed to do all this and chart highly without a record deal. The Long Way Home is truly a great project. The South London hip-hop duo Krept & Konan went ahead and made the 19 track LP available for streaming. With features from artists like Ed Sheeran, YG, Jeremih, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, fellow Brit MC Skepta and even “Konan’s Mum,” the album is just full of different voices that bring diversity to the project.

An author from the Billboard said something that stuck with me. It’s the perfect way to describe the album. Here’s what Paul Martin had to say.

“This is a project that sticks with you, letting you live through the party and allowing you to linger after the fact. The Long Way Home leaves you with something to think about the next morning, as you set off on the road ahead.”

Like I said above, Wiz Khalifa is featured on the album, he has been down south with Krept and Konan recording the music video for “Do It For The Gang”. The vid shows the rap duo taking Wiz Khalifa to a South London Party. As well as Wiz making an appearance in the clip, we also see a handful of females getting their twerk on (doing it for the gang). Enjoy..