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A$AP Rocky Has A Conversation With Oxford Union About Media, Religion, Women, Dress Sense and More

by on July 8, 2015

After the release of his most recent album, At Long Last A$AP, Rocky’s been speaking everywhere and now he’s come back to London (he recorded the album there) to have an open talk with Oxford University students. This was cool to watch because of the humor throughout, the topics get pretty interesting & heated and how unreserved Rocky is with his opinions. He ran through a lot of subjects from setting trends in style to telling his mum about taking LSD, lol.

One thing he talked about that was awesome is his first major label…the internet. A$AP Rocky mentions how today we have so much more of an opportunity for recognition and the ability to express ourselves easily through the help of the web, which is true since that’s where his first music video “Purple Swag” got picked up and went viral off A$AP Yams blogging skills. The message he pushes is that technology has had huge developments meaning that young artists don’t have to look to radio, TV, or big record labels to put their ideas out. You can do it yourself, you can create your own label, your own brand, your own trends all through the gift of Google.

“You don’t need a big label to get exposure, you just need the biggest platform in the world right now: the internet. People like me with no experience, the internet gives them a platform, a voice. We didn’t know the power of the internet, and now, it’s like the wild wild west out there, like an open market. You can do whatever you want but you’ve just gotta use the internet properly.”


Another point Rocky touched was about his relationship with God and accepting other religions. With all the criticism of other religions going on, he says how it’s not right to force your religion on someone or judge them for being a different religion. Even though he doesn’t go to church, living a life with religious traits & becoming a better person is what really matters. Rocky mentions how the type of religion that society presses on you about things like having sex before marriage then being sent to hell isn’t actually what being a Christian or Muslim is about.

“Religion is about bettering yourself.”

It’s a great talk, watch the full thing above.

[via OxfordUnion]