Inspirational School Visit By The One And Only Kendrick Lamar

by Joshon June 16, 2015
Some Powerful Stuff. King Kendrick

Litefeet ‘The Sound Of The Subway’ – The New Movement That Changes Lives

by Joshon June 16, 2015
Crazy Awesome! Award
Litefeet is the new craze to hit the Subway's of New York. is this another movement to hit the world by storm?
Rihanna pranking Jimmy Kimmel

Watch Rihanna Pranking Jimmy Kimmel for April Fools’ Day

by Edon April 2, 2015
Tear Jerker
This is the best, watch Rihanna pranking Jimmy Kimmel!!

Chance The Rapper Plays Victor In This Deep VICE Short Film – “Mr. Happy”

by Elion March 21, 2015
Jolt Award
Check out Chance's acting debut in this sad, sad love story.

Tyler, The Creator and Lloyd Braun Go Over Their New Business Idea In This Code/Media Interview

by Elion March 19, 2015
Editor's Choice
Including free socks and French Toast Crunch. Interesting stuff.

Kanye West Talks the Future, Fashion, Racism, Education & More with Clique

by Joshon March 12, 2015
Editor's Choice
Kanye West discusses some major points. Check it out.

A Day In The Life Of Drake Told By His Short Film “Jungle”

by Elion February 12, 2015
Crazy Awesome! Award
Including the whole OVO squad and even a new accent from Drizzy.