windows 10

Microsoft Launches Windows 10

by Edon January 22, 2015
Crazy Awesome! Award
Damn, Windows 10 is EPIC you don't want to miss out on this one!

Check Out These Leather and Lambskin BeoPlay H8 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

by Elion January 20, 2015
You can even control them with your gloves on.

How To Be Successful In The Tech World: A Heated Talk With Gary Vaynerchuk

by Swarve Men Magazineon September 27, 2014
Supercharged Award
A Tech Genius, You Probably Didn't Know Was A Genius

Kanye West, Steve Stoute & Ben Horowitz Talk Tech At Cannes Lions: Technology, Culture, and Consumer Adoption [Full Talk]

by Swarve Men Magazineon June 29, 2014
Supercharged Award
Kanye West, Steve Stoute and Ben Horowitz sit down and talk tech at Cannes Lions 2014.

Kanye West, Marrisa Mayer, Ben Horowitz, Steve Stoute and more Talk Creativity, Technology and Art at Cannes Lions 2014

by Swarve Men Magazineon June 21, 2014
Flavor Award
Industry giants sharing their views on the future of tech.

3 High School Entrepreneurs Created A Search Engine To Take On Google!

by Swarve Men Magazineon May 20, 2014
Three Innovative high school student actually made a search engine that could come up next to Google...

‘Nod’ Lets You Control All Your Devices With Your Finger

by Swarve Men Magazineon April 29, 2014
Technology has taken things to a whole new level. Find out how here.

Microsoft has created a virtual assistant, even better than siri?

by Swarve Men Magazineon April 21, 2014
Magnetic Award
Microsoft looks to blow away apple's siri, and leap above apple and android in the phone market industry

Best Video On The Internet Today: If Google Was A Guy

by Swarve Men Magazineon March 28, 2014
What would it be like If Google Was A Guy? Find out right now in this cool video...