Movie Review: Bedazzled – Your Mind Might Need A Rest After This Classic

by Elion March 8, 2015
Headshot Award
'CAUSE IT'S 5 STAR WORTHY, and I had to take a nap after it ended.

Take A Look At The First Official Trailer For ‘The Fantastic Four’

by Joshon January 28, 2015
Editor's Choice
The Fantastic Four will be back in cinemas this Summer and we are in for a treat.

A$AP Rocky Made His Acting Debut in “Dope” At Sundance, And The Movie Just Sold For $7 Million

by Elion January 26, 2015
Rocky, Tyga, Vince Staples and Casey Veggies all hit the big screens with this new film.

Game Of Thrones Will Be The First TV Show Screened In IMAX Theatres

by Joshon January 7, 2015
Editor's Choice
The hit series, Game of Thrones, will be shown in IMAX cinemas.

Watch The Trailer For “Focus” (Trailer 2)

by Elion December 24, 2014
Welcome back Mr Smith.

Watch Nicki Minaj’s Short Film “The Pinkprint Movie”

by Elion December 20, 2014
A 16 minute mini-movie featuring songs from Nicki's new album. Enjoy.

Stand-Up Legends Louis C.K, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais Talk Comedy, How They Come Up With New Ideas and More In “Talking Funny”

by Swarve Men Magazineon October 5, 2014
Supercharged Award
49 minutes of discussion about comedy, featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais and my favorite comedian, Louis CK.

A Few Valuable Things You Can Learn From Chief Keef’s “SOSA” Movie Compilation

by Swarve Men Magazineon September 3, 2014
A couple things you might have missed the first time...

The Only Reason You Need To View Ryan Leslie’s “Black Mozart” Documentary…

by Swarve Men Magazineon August 9, 2014
Black Mozart really isn't much of an understatement.

Top Boy’s Ashley Walters Talks Pioneering The UK Rap Scene, Acting, Meeting 50 Cent and more On London Real

by Swarve Men Magazineon June 19, 2014
Supercharged Award
Ashley Walters Dives In On His Music, Legacy & More.

Short-Film Greatness: BELONG by Lije Sarki (Scored by Left Brain)

by Swarve Men Magazineon June 13, 2014
Magnetic Award
This is a great film. Great film. Watch it.