Interview: The Hundreds Caught Up With Ryan Plett from #CURRENTLY

by Joshon March 21, 2015
Editor's Choice
You'll learn a lot.


INSA Creates the World’s Largest Animated Painting in Brazil

by Edon January 29, 2015
Crazy Awesome! Award
INSA is the man and his project on the world's largest animated painting in Brazil is EPIC, just click to have it all unveil before your eyes!

Amazing Aerial Snapshots of NYC by Vincent Laforet

by Joshon January 13, 2015
Most Stunning
Vincent Laforet takes a helicopter over NYC and takes world-class photographs.

Marina Abramović on Her 512 Hours art Performance, Conciousness, Nothingness, Art and Philosophy

by Swarve Men Magazineon September 30, 2014
Supercharged Award
You'll learn something useful if you watch.

Get Your Room Kitted Out With Some Great Inspirational Art from Posterama

by Swarve Men Magazineon September 6, 2014
Luxury Item
Check out the artwork. Awesome.

Have You Seen Ryan Leslie’s “From Sofia With Love” Yet?

by Swarve Men Magazineon August 23, 2014
Supercharged Award
Check out Ryans 12 minute short film.

The Only Reason You Need To View Ryan Leslie’s “Black Mozart” Documentary…

by Swarve Men Magazineon August 9, 2014
Black Mozart really isn't much of an understatement.

Mini Documentary: Kanye West’s New Testament Has Arrived (Surprised?)

by Swarve Men Magazineon June 11, 2014
Jolt Award
And what a great 30 minutes that is....

The Best #ArtSelfie Ever? The Most Unreal Shot On Brazil’s “Christ The Redeemer” Statue

by Swarve Men Magazineon June 5, 2014
Headshot Award
This has got to be one of the most insane selfies ever. EVER.

Still Great and Completely Inspiring: 30 Seconds To Mars – City Of Angels

by Swarve Men Magazineon June 5, 2014
Supercharged Award
Who doesn't love 30 Seconds To Mars anyways?

50 Cent Rocks a Vintage Gangster Look In The New ‘Hustler’ Video

by Swarve Men Magazineon April 20, 2014
Editor's Choice
50 CENT rocking a full out retro look in his latest clip for 'Animal ambition'

NIKE iD New National Team Options

by Swarve Men Magazineon April 9, 2014
check out NIKEiD's new national team options here