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Tyler, The Creator Blessed Everyone With A New App Called ‘Golf Media’

by on June 20, 2015

He said it would happen, and it’s a good thing it did because Golf Media is a dope app.  In Tyler, The Creator‘s words:

“Technically, I’m creating my own network. I’m creating my own MTV, my own Cartoon Network on this thing.”

The promise he made that the app will be “Tyler and his brain without restrictions and bulls***” was definitely kept. It’s loaded with interviews, cool cartoons, funny videos, funny sports, behind the scenes footage, new clothing out, live streaming and more info from the man. Golf Media is awesome because you’ve seen interesting things from Tyler & the rest of Golf Wang around the web, probably stuff that you remembered and wanted to show your friends…but you forgot where to find it. Or maybe you had a time when you saw something super crazy that they did that got taken down — well Golf Media means there’s gonna’ be no more of that!

The app can be downloaded now for Apple & Android, where fans can expect to register for two free months (and get something in the mail for your subscription) at Golf Wang before costing $5 (£3.15) after the free trial. The iOS store description even has this quote up before you download TylerWorld: “Golf Media is basically my brain in one place. It does just about everything except cure asthma. If you find an app that cures asthma, definitely let me know.” Take a little look inside the app above and watch Tyler explain the purpose of Golf Media to Jimmy Kimmel below. Get downloading

[via HighSnobiety]