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Marina Abramović on Her 512 Hours art Performance, Conciousness, Nothingness, Art and Philosophy

by on September 30, 2014

Maybe you haven’t heard of Marina Abramović, maybe you saw her for the first time in Jay Z‘s music video for “Picasso“, or maybe you know exactly who she is, if so she needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway.

Marina Abramović is a really well known artist and expressionist, she’s used her own physical body as a subject in much of her past work – and just as a side note, she’s probably been privy to having been asked some of the most stupid questions of all time, we’d say if you’re a successful artist it comes with the territory – anyways she’s great. Marina was born in 1946 in Belgrade, Serbia. She moved to Amsterdam in 1976 and has lived in New York since 2001.

Here’s what she had to say about her recent show here in London:


Once I heard a guy called Gregg Braden talk about our modern technology and how the villagers who lived thousands of years ago could have survived without it. In our modern day and age many people have become mentally lazy using technology that was originally created to make it easier for us to create things even though people sometimes do the opposite.

Whilst listening to Gregg he mentioned that when he and his friends visited a now deserted ancient village and saw the tools they used to cook and live with one of the group members he was with said “Look at how primitively these people lived, our technology today is so much more advanced”. After hearing this Gregg thought out loud and said “What if these people had technology so far advanced from what we use, that they didn’t even need any of what we have today”, well that’s a good point.

The technology of the mind is without a shadow of a doubt the most advanced piece of machinery the World will ever know, just because people don’t always use it doesn’t make it any less true.

Marina’s exhibition had a premise that went along the lines of “being”. Leaving all your belongings behind and just being without any of it in a white space. Nothing but your human energy & thought. Some people will look at this as being artsy nonsense, but actually it makes much more sense than most realize. With love & mental energy we can create great things, companies like Apple were simply an idea before they were a billion dollar company.

Just being without anything is probably one of the most productive activities one can partake in. The mind usually comes up with brilliant solutions when you’re in the moment and have nothing to think about except the present. David Lynch spoke about this here.

Anyways, don’t want to tail off too much here, that’s just food for thought. Check out what Marina has to say about her recent event in the talk above, try and focus on her answers & not the guy asking the questions. Check it out above. And for reference sake, here’s that “Picasso” video she’s in:

[via Intelligence Squared]