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The 2014 Mercedes S 63 AMG Coupe

by on March 19, 2014

Mercedes S 63 AMG Coupe

Mercedes S 63 AMG Coupe

The list of high-performance luxury cars on sale today is certainly lengthy, but take a glance at this one and you’ll wonder why anyone shops around. It’s the astonishing 2014 Mercedes S 63 AMG Coupe.

The S 63 AMG Coupe packs a 5.5L biturbo V8 being the most powerful engine offering from Merc’s BlueDIRECT engine family, producing 585-horsepower and 664 lb.-ft of torque.Oh yeah and did I mention this beauty does zero to 60 in 3.9 seconds, sound sweet?

Mercedes has worked especially hard on perfecting the car’s hearty exhaust note. The S 63 features automatic exhaust flaps that adjust to driving situations and transmission modes. Keep your foot light and the car will remain composed, but dig your foot into the accelerator and the flaps will let out a deep roar.

The new suspension is heavily tuned as well, by magic. AMG has fitted the S 63 with something called “Magic Body Control,” a function that allows the car to lean into corners like a motorcyclist would.

The exterior had us lost for words and the interior has been designed with beautiful Napa leather and crisp aluminum. Further, Mercedes claims a combined fuel consumption of 27.9 mpg in European testing, which is remarkably good for a 500hp rocket ship. But it will surely be the most comfortable ship to drive daily.